Training and Education

Workshop: UNESCO Megacities Alliance for Water and Climate 

This NSF-supported workshop will be part of UNESCO’s Megacity Alliance for Water and Climate (MAWaC), offering a forum for international cooperation on water and helping megacities adapt to and mitigate the effects of climate change. Workshop outcomes will contribute to: (i) stormwater management – best practice, modeling & monitoring; (ii) integrated water resources management, recycling & circular economy for climate adaptation; (iii) governance policy, new regulations impacts & climate adaptation urban planning; (iv) infrastructure assets management – modeling & innovative technology solutions; and (v) research partnerships, innovation ecosystems, community engagement & public education for resilient cities.

NSF award #2348284


Workshop: Climate Science to Climate Action Across Global Cities

As part of this NSF-supported session, representatives from science-education-policy cross-connections will discuss climate action in global cities with a regional focus and share their experiences, challenges, successes, and vision for inclusive growth of all sections of society. 

NSF award #2323110

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Climate Change Training

Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) award