The Climate Ecosystem at the Discovery Partners Institute, University of Illinois System has a diverse climate research portfolio!

Our Climate Ecosystem Tree

We take a multi-pronged approach to integrated climate research:

(i) Fundamental research — study land-atmosphere-ocean/lake interactions impacting urban fluid dynamics and boundary layer flows; urban hydrometeorology

(ii) Applied research —  develop and assess adaptation and mitigation strategies to reduce climate vulnerabilities in complex urban environments

(iv) Environmental justice — empower communities with evidence-based measures to improve environmental and health equity

(v) Policy/Translational research — develop climate action plans for cities assessment reports; work with cities to implement sustainable solutions.

(vi) Education and training — develop training and education modules for corporations on climate change and how climate change impacts their institutions and clients

(vii) Industry applications — identify bottlenecks and locations of greatest risk in your supply chain by generating a risk assessment.